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Olympus E-520 E-520 specific discussion.

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Old 10th September 2008
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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

In theory there's no difference between theory and practice but in practice there is.
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Old 11th September 2008
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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

That was an informative and adult thread, so unlike those on a rival forum that seem to degenerate into name calling after about 6 posts. Various points were raised and here are some of my disjointed comments:

1. Thanks Dennis and Richard for reminding me that “excellent 16X20” can have two meanings – either “sharp and well exposed” or “worth looking at” and these are not the same thing. In fact I rather like Richard’s suggestion of a course – if I can find the right one I might well enrol.
2. Canikon did not always own the professional’s playing field. When I started photography the news ‘togs were using Nikons exclusively and while Canon produced good cameras they never quite cracked that market. Along came the AE1 and Canon sold a million a year for at least two years (mine is no. 1,531,638 and I bought it about 18 months after they came out). On the back of the cash flow from the A series Canon broadened and deepened their product line and the rest is history, very few ‘togs used the A series but they all benefited from the products that it funded.
3. I still help run a small IT company (although it’s now owned my son) and believe me cash flow is king. As soon as we find a nice little earner we plough back the profits into other (related) products – if Oly find that they can make MFT a success I am quite sure it will result in new R&D for the full series.

As you may gather I think that the E series remains the one for me and I have just put my money where my mouth is by ordering an expensive lens – it should arrive today so I am looking forward to a new toy

Hope that's not too verbose


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Old 11th September 2008
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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

While personally I'd much rather see lower noise at higher ISOs, to help extend the range of available light photography, I must put in a small word for megapixels. Editing a quarterly local magazine I'm usually looking for usable images of things that have to be in it. Very often such images are found not in a subject as composed in a formal shot, but in a crop that can be quite a small area of the original. The more pixels there are to play with, the better the chance of getting a crop that makes 300dpi for printing. So it's not just about full print size (the mag is A5) ....
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Old 11th September 2008
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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

I agree that if you need to crop a shot to get a portion of the shot into print. More pixels will lend itself to producing a good reporduction in print materials. But this is a purpose that needs to be satisfied. Not just some need for more. I guess that's why there were press cameras in the past.

Going forward we will need to establish all of the needs of the end user and make sure that there is a true need rather than the hype.

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Old 2nd October 2009
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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

Let me put this debate current perspective, the full frame movie image is roughly equal to the old half frame Olympus made in the original Pen series, it fits between APS-H and APS-C at 24.92mm x 18.67mm the reality is cameras like the Sony F35 are closer to APS-C and they fill a screen the size of the Odean Leicester Square with grain free images that almost match the best 35mm film stocks from Kodak. Movie HD cameras come as either CMOS or CCD although they are all going CMOS. Sure four thirds at 17.3mm x 13mm is smaller and more like say 16mm in movie terms but is larger than 2/3" CCD cameras which can also fill the Odean Leicester Square with decent pictures. Sensor sizes are important but you can get great dynamic range from small sensors its the noise that becomes critical (movie HD cameras have anywhere up to 13 stops of dynamic range more than enough for most situations.
Newer sensors like the Panavision SVI Dynamax sensor read data in an entirely new way and can extract the same kind of performance a full frame still camera can in an area less than half the size so dont be seduced into thinking Olympus and the 4/3rds system cannot be improved, it can.
Olympus old sensor partner Kodak are the ones behind Leica S2 camera and they are improving their technology continuosly including a newer version of the bayer pattern which now uses chroma to increase dynamic range over the simple red / green so I would keep hold of those Olympus lenses that were designed for digital completely and are near telecentric in design they definately got one thing right over their bigger competitors.
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