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Software Discuss Olympus Master, Studio and Viewer software applications as well as third party programs like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Apple Aperture, and others.

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Old 10th December 2010
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Re: DNG's

@shenstone - while I agree they may not offer you anything ORF doesn't, they don't lock you into Adobe products or processes. Most RAW developers can read them, and arguably they are as well supported as manufacturer specific ones. DNG is also currently on track to be part of the updated TIFF/EP ISO standard.

@Makonde - It would be interesting to find out. The information may make it across intact, but be ignored. I did read once that Art filters are not applied to RAW files but haven't got a camera that can check. I suppose this is something that also comes up if you simply se any processor other than an Olympus one.
DNG's use lossless compression so nothing to worry about there.

I think there is one thing to bear in mind. Part of the stated aims of the DNG format was to create something skin to a film negative. At anytime you could pick it up, in any darkroom, and process it how you want. The digital equivalent may let you store extra information, but this seems to be the base of DNG. It is almost positioned more as a storage/archiving format than anything else.
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Old 12th December 2010
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Re: DNG's

I just found this PDF that is an extract from a Lightroom 3 book. It brings up a few things like DNG incorporates "hashes" for testing file integrity/whether they have changed. I haven't heard of this being used but it sounds interesting for the future.

Interestingly - on the topic of manufacturer specific data encoded in RAW, apparently it should get encoded into the DNG in "MakerNotes", and be readable if a given converter understands it. This would mean that you could go from manufacturer-RAW to DNG and back without loss. The stumbling block is apparently that manufacturers tend to not stick to the TIFF spec as they should making this very difficult. However, if you reverse-engineered the structure Oly use in their MakerNotes, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to take all this data into another RAW program and get results identical to Viewer/Studio.
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Old 12th December 2010
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Re: DNG's

Thanks Phil for the the technical info.Very interesting.
All the best

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