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Old 13th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started?

My first camera was a Yashika Twin Lens Reflex that my father gave to me in about 1966. He had bought it in Japan whilst on duty with the RAN during the Korean War.

I ruined it eventually and didn't get a good SLR until I aquired a Minolta in 1974. I replaced this with an OM20 in 1980 and have had various Olly's since and currently still use an OM20 and OM40 from time to time for film. But love my e620. My older e330 has been passed onto my wife.
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Old 13th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started?

Apart from using the family box brownie in the mid 60's the first time I got involved with cameras was in the mid 70's. I was a radio/TV/sound technician in a school. They had a photography club and darkroom but it was not a formal arrangement so they needed someone to look after their kit and asked me. As a quid pro quo I was allowed use the kit - it was Konica Autoreflex TCs and I think Konica S3s. I bought my own film but developed it with the camera club. It was all black and white. I remember taking rolls and rolls of film of the housing redevelopment of Glasgow at the time. Filming the demise of the sandstone tenements around the school from my fourth floor office window high on a hill. I left all the images with the school when I left - only for the school to be next on the demolition list. I also had access to a council education resource centre at the time and lo and behold in pride of place was an OM1. I just loved the look and feel of the camera and 'borrowed it' whenever I could. When family came along photography went. I then bought a Kodak DC210 as my first digital in the late 90's - great images from a 1M camera - it's still in use by my daughter's friends father. I then got an Olympus C2000z and then onto an e-410/e-600/e-3. I've taken an interest in legacy lenses in the last year and a few months ago bought an old Konica Autoreflex TC with Hexanon 40mm f1.8 purely for the lens. The camera is a bit battered but still works and I cannot bring myself to dispose of it - despite modifying the lens to fit 4/3s.
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Old 13th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started?

Originally Posted by StephenL View Post
My first camera also was an Instamatic, bought for me when I was 11 as a reward for passing my 11 Plus. (fat lot of good THAT did me!).

At Grammar school I used to bunk off games and pinch the darkroom key from the maths teacher to teach myself b&w processing. That's about the only thing I learned at school.

The rest, as they say, is history.
Ha! That's what I used to do, except I made sure I had a key for myself

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Old 13th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started? Long.

I remember watching a B/W print come up in the developer in my dad's darkroom an age ago, I would have been around 5 year old. Dad used to get the AP each week and there used to be a page with gadgets that could be made at home, dad made one that enabled a test print to be made using the same area each time, out of plywood and was a clever idea I thought.
My first camera was a home made job from my uncle, I think he must have cannibalised broken cameras to make it. It used 35mm film.
Dad did weddings in his spare time using a Delmonta TLR, later graduating to a british made Microcord, a Rollie copy.
After leaving home for a stint in the RE's I bought my first decent camera, Agfa Flexilette, 35mmTLR. I had various rangefinder types, Voiglander, Yashica untill I got a brand new Rolliecord VB for around £100 from the NAAFI. A big step up in quality and used for many years.
The Olympus OM1 was introduced and I fell in love with it not even having held one. It was on sale in the UK for £199 and I got one in Germany for £100. Got some lenses and was converted to Oly gear for 35mm.
I bought a Gnome enlarger from Wallace Heaton through their export policy in the 60's which served me very well for years. Later got another with colour filter drawer but never did have success with colour.
Later I stared doing weddings and kiddie portraits for my army mates using the Rollie, graduating to a Bronica ETR and a couple of backs. This with the 50mm W/A was my mainstay for weddings for some time. I still have the body and 75mm lens, which is stuck on.
I went off photography for a few years, wife, kids and house to keep up but around 2003 wifey and I went on a cruise around the med so wifey bought me an Oly compact digital and I fell for digital big time.
For the first time I could produce an A4 colour pic that looked OK, I never achieved good colour prints in a wet darkroom. I didn't do too bad with Cibachrome but although it was very good, it was expensive, labs did the job for weddings for much less cost and heartache.
Soon after I got an E300, (which goes on ebay on Sunday), then in 2005 an E1.Got some lenses and as new models came out the E330, E3 and now have the E5 and an E510 that I got as a back up the other week.
Now I have lenses that I could only dream of all those years ago when I got the OM1 and can produce A3 + colour prints without too much trouble.
I am very fortunate.
A long post but then I am a little long in the tooth
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Old 13th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started?

In the no-mans land between film and DSLRs, I used to shoot 35mm Provia and get it processed in a local pro labs. I would scan the slides in a Minolta scanner (v. slow) and save the results to disk, then try printing A3 with an Epson printer.

The very best slides would get snipped off the strip and sent for printing on Cibachrome, the ultra shiny stuff. The whole process now seems expensive and long winded.

I don't regret changing to DSLR even though 99.9% of my shots just end up on the web at 800x600. Hardly any get printed.
Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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Old 13th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started? Long.

Originally Posted by sapper View Post
Now I have lenses that I could only dream of all those years ago when I got the OM1 and can produce A3 + colour prints without too much trouble.

Talking about Bronica ETR, look at this:

ETRS + Billingham on eBay
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Old 16th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started?

As a daft ten year old I was given a Kodak Brownie 127. My mum reckons I took not bad photos with it. She may well have them in the 'photo' drawer. I don't remember any of them.
When I was 16 I got an Instamatic which I enjoyed until the mid 70s (about 6 years). Then, with all the hillwalking I was doing, I wanted something better so bought a Rollei B35, enjoyed that for a couple of years and then upgraded to an OM-1 and after a while bought a few lenses and flashgun. Eventually also bought an OM-2. I mainly used Ektachrome slide film as I could get 24 hour turnaround on developing and did my own mounting to save money.
In the 90s bought a few simple zoom film cameras to take cycling (not too expensive if you fall off and break it) and had a few published in a cycling mag including one taken with a single use camera!
Went digital in 2003 and went straight to Olympus and a couple of years later went to evening classes for photography. Straight back into the darkroom with the OM-2 and B&W! Loved it and been on an upward spiral ever since.

Lots of toys.
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Old 16th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started?

The first picture I took was peering through the railings of a ship in the Med when returning from Cyprus. It was of Stromboli just after it erupted. I still have it in my late parent's albums. I have no idea which camera but my Dad had a Speed Graphic for a while and it wasn't that - I was six. In 1958 we moved to Benghazi and I was bought a Brownie (the 127's big brother which took 120) I took the occasional picture. My parents had an Agfa Sillette during that period and took a mass of Kodachromes which I have scanned. I started fiddling about in the bathroom developing film in the early 60's but when my parents gave me the Silette I really got going. I took so many rolls of B&W over the following 5 years which disappeared at some stage. Traded it in for a 2nd hand Minolta SLR, which broke just after arriving in Ecuador where they lived at the time. Replaced with Yashica TLR followed by a Zenith then a series of Pentaxes. My first DSLR was an E500 bought for a trip across the Rockies for our 30th anniversary. I am not sure when along the way I got started, sometimes I still think I am in the process
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Old 17th May 2011
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Re: How did you get started?

How did I get started?

I first became interested in photography at the age of three or four, when I became aware of my father taking photographs with a Voigtländer Brilliant TLR camera. I didn't really understand what he was doing, but I was always fascinated to see the image on the ground glass of the waist level finder, and the numbers on the back of the film through the little red peep hole. For some reason, lenses, waist level finders and film rolls still fascinate me to this day, which is probably why I enjoy using my Mamiya 645 so much.

Unfortunately the old Voigtländer stopped working, and was replaced by a series of instamatics which did little to excite me. Then in 1974 (when I was 17) my uncle Reg, who had been a keen photographer died, and my aunt gave me his cameras. There was also a black 'changing bag' in the box which puzzled me slightly, but not for long!

Anyhow, there was a manual Practica, which took very good photographs, but I don't think ever exposed a roll of film without jamming at least once - hence the changing bag! Sadly the Practica didn't last long, but there was a Kodak Retina 1a, and an original Weston Master exposure meter which I still have and use.

I have been very fortunate that photography has always formed an essential part of my work, so I have had plenty of opportunities and excuses to indulge my obsession with cameras. If anything, I would say that I probably enjoy the picture taking process as much as I enjoy the end results; especially when using any of my film cameras.

With the possible exception of my E1, I find digital cameras cold and soulless things, but they are very practical, and much more cost and time effective than using film. Frankly I find my new E5 quite ugly to look at from behind, (the front view is more attractive), but I am liking the pictures that it takes. I just wish it were not so complicated, which I suppose explains why I love holding the OM4Ti to my eye and snapping a fast Zuiko prime lens into focus.

Naughty Nigel

Difficult is worth doing
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