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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

I am sorry to read your post John, and hope that you do keep one camera and lens. As others have written, getting rid of your cameras will only bring short term gains. If you decide to start again, it will cost more in the future. I regret selling most of my film gear now.
I cannot comment on your situation, never been there but hope things improve soon.
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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

John - it's a terrible situation you find yourself in and I'm disappointed the State is unable to do more for someone with such a debilitating disease. I can only add to the views already expressed; hang on to at least one camera and a good lens.

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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

I was so shocked when I read this that I just couldn't believe what you said! I won't add more words to burden you with but you should really sit down and consider what you can carry on with and then do it, but never to give up your love for photography. I believe you mentioned recently doing some teaching and perhaps that is an area to examine, for instance, there must be lots of people in or near your area that would be happy to be coached on Photoshop that would help. Just a thought to consider.
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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

John, sorry to hear things have not gone well, I know you have had concerns about this for some time.

It would be a sad day if you have to give up your photography as you are very talented photographer.


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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

Hang in there John. I suffer from a neurological condition that varies in severity and comes and go for weeks/months at a stretch. During the bad bits I see no future for myself and on two occasions have sold my photo gear, and even deleted all my photos to avoid being reminded of the thing I enjoyed so much but wouldn't be able to continue through ill health.

Inevitably the bad bit then gives way to a better period and the photo 'itch' rears its head again, and I come to regret parting with all my equipment. Unless your Parkinsons physically prevents further photography you should keep at least one camera and your most useful lens, even if you sell everything else. In some ways a severe thinning out of the inventory can focus your photography (less is more) in a positive way.

Keep appealing the DWP decision, try involving your MP. Maybe get your other half to video you when you're at your worst so you can show a tribunal that you are in no conceivable way 'fit for work'.

Don't give up,

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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

After spending some time with you this lunchtime at the gallery.Seeing your photography in the flesh shall we say.Then reading your post when I got to the hotel,you could have knocked me over with a feather.I echo all the views on the forum and do hope that thing work out for you and of course your family.I really do think you a great knowledge and talent to pass on to others in the art of clicking the shutter.it's easy to say keep your chin up,but please do.
All the best.
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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

John I don't think I can say much that the others haven't already said. I too hope you don't have to sell all your gear it would be a real shame not to see Zuiko posted images any more. Rest assured I'm sure that a lot of folks around the country and probably the world are supporting you and willing you to reconsider selling your gear. If you do ever decide to run the photo courses you once talked about count me in as a pupil.
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Old 21st February 2012
jamie allan jamie allan is offline
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Re: I'm Giving Up

I really couldn't express my thoughts for your predicament - I wouldn't know how. I hope you are able to make an informed, measured decision on what you are going to do. I think your involvement in this forum really enriches it and I - for one - would miss your contributions. Your landscape photography is special - you have an eye for a picture that I can only envy.
Take care and best wishes.
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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

I wanted to post something but I'm not quite sure what to say. Your post has bowled me over to be honest

Well first I think it's not any exaggeration to say that you are one of the most valued and experienced members of this great forum, your knowledge and experience is always painted very brightly for me in your interesting, incisive and quite often funny posts.
I always very much look forward to reading what you have to say

So please, please hang on to your photography interest, even though at this time perhaps the spark isn't there. I'm sure it will come back, even though other thoughts are to the fore at the moment.

Kindest regards

Regards Huw

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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up


This was such a sad post to read...please reconsider?

Not in the same league by any means, but a couple of years ago I gave away all my fly fishing equipment...rods, reels, flies, line etc as I was suffering from a shoulder problem. Guess what...my shoulder problem has healed but I'm in no position to replace the kit and I regret it SO much...I simply can't afford to replace what I lost...

Please don't do ANYTHING without checking with Welfare Rights to make sure that you are getting everything you're entitled to.

If you really need to sell something to survive, then at least keep one camera....it will be SO hard to start again from scratch. Yes, it may sit for a while before you feel inclined to use it, but the second hand resale value for cameras is so low these days that the short term gain really isn't worth bothering about.

You've done so well recently and I appreciate that you are going through an immensely difficult time, but don't let this beat you!

My flickr photostream....

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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

I know you've been anticipating this for some while but it's still a nasty jolt when the letter arrives. Please take time to consider matters and work out a new perspective before making any decisions.
Many others have expressed, more eloquently than I can how much your photographic skill and talent and willingness to share is respected by us all. I know that all your friends on here, some you have met and many you have not will be supportive in whatever path you choose.
Linda has made a very good point regarding Essex members and transport, sounds like a good way to get more e-group meets.

You are in all our thoughts.

she looked at me and said "It's official. I hate your camera. It's just so amazing and perfect I want one!"

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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

John -

Barrie and I were overwhelmed to read your post this evening, having met up with you at your excellent exhibition only last week when you were pleased at the reaction of those who had visited and been so generous with their comments.

Certainly, I understand your thinking behind giving up your car. The regular costs involved - petrol, tax and insurance - are huge, without maintenance costs which can be crippling but as so many have said before the relatively small amount that you will achieve from the sale of your photographic equipment, although this may help you out initially, will do little to help your long term predicament, so please do at least keep whichever camera and accessories you find you are most comfortable with in your present circumstances.

It does seem a ridiculous situation you find yourself in but I am sure, with your intelligence, you have already looked at most of the avenues available. I do hope that there will be some help available to you and we both wish you and the family well.

Anne and Barrie
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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

John - stunned to read your post, irritated but unsurprised to hear about the impact of officialdom, but wanted to add a note of support to someone who is always a valued contributor of good humour and good sense. I'm there with others urging you to keep at least some of your kit - who knows when the muse may return, and as you know, I'd already decided you didn't need any more kit given the stunning images in your book!

I hope things will work out and that new opportunities turn up.

With very best wishes,

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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

I love photography, it gives me so much pleasure in looking for and finding so many things that others take for granted, and I love showing others how much can be found in very close proximity to where we stand or sit. The images though may often be of little interest to others (or so it seems!) but the pleasure is for me, and if just one other person enjoys it or 'Likes' it, then my hobby is worthwhile. I have some **** times but a short walk away will find me something to photograph and another excuse to talk to others!
Sometimes too I have seen photography being used to document with pride something that others may find difficult to talk about - a few years ago a close friend went through a very traumatic year and survived and one of the photos that is treasured is one of her and her family on the day that she went into hospital. Other images show different stages of that year, and these are an important part of reminding us all of the highs and the lows. Most of all, they remind me (even though we meet regularly) of her strength and of her spirit in adversity.
Another person I met through the internet was going to document her illness to, in effect, turn adversity into a way of explaining to others what she was going through, and through that set targets for herself to try to ensure that she focused on the positives and to limit thoughts of the negatives.
That's the amazing and wonderful thing about photography, we all have so many different reasons for why we are enthusiasts, but we are all part of a community that can share, encourage, and even goad each other into finding more ways at looking at life and all that surrounds us.
I really hope that in the face of the 'adversity' that you have and are facing and especially when support and help that a caring state should provide is withdrawn or limited, that you will cherish photography and use it to remind yourself of the joys that it can bring and the positive challenges that it can help create.

All the best, and apologies for the ramble

If I'm out I'm JustSwanningAround
or more often at www.facebook.com/JustSwanningAround
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Old 21st February 2012
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Re: I'm Giving Up

Thanks for all your messages of support, guys, it really is appreciated.

I think this is a decision which has been brewing for a while and is due to a variety of reasons, not just the news that my benefit payments have been cut off abruptly. Firstly, I do need to recoup some of the money that I spent last summer setting up my ill-fated card stall and later printing and framing the pictures for my exhibition. There is no scope for saving anything from my income now and the best way to claw it back is by selling my cameras.

Secondly, if I do keep a camera what will I use it for? Bird photography with a telephoto is pretty much out of the question now, even with IS (I found that out just a week or so ago). Wild flower photography I have dabbled in previously but I now have trouble getting down, or more to the point getting up again! Family snapshots are out, as my wife and daughter refuse to be photographed.

Landscapes have always been my favourite subject and a tripod does sort out many of the camera handling difficulties. However, the question is where? Iíve done locations in my immediate area many times and now find it hard to beat what Iíve already taken. Iíd love to do more on the Essex Coast but even that moderate trip is now just too expensive with the high cost of fuel. What I really, really want, though, is to get back to Scotland, the Lake District, Wales and Ireland and I have to accept that will never happen. I even have to think twice about visiting Hatfield Forest, only 8 miles away, but £4 car parking as Iím really not in a position to re-join the National Trust this year.

Thirdly is my problem of motivation. Early starts are almost compulsory for really serious landscape photography and once nobody was more eager than me to jump out of bed well before dawn in the hope of some special light, but that doesnít happen anymore. There is no denying that I have lost the spark.

Itís a bit like a footballer reaching his 30ís. There comes a point when he realizes that heís lost a yard of pace against younger players, is often late in a tackle, struggles to play a whole match and takes longer to recover after every game. Eventually he knows it is time to hang up his boots.

I went through a similar thing about 15 years ago with hillwalking. It got to the stage where my knees could no longer cope with the strain and it broke my heart. Photography was already there for me to help fill the void but it still hurts not to be up in the hills to this day. Iíll miss photography most certainly, but probably not as much as ďbeing there,Ē either climbing hills or just enjoying a really special location.

There are a lot of people in the same boat, or worse. Some people are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage, or losing their jobs when they are already financially stretched. Others have debilitating illnesses like me but do not have a pension they can draw early. They really are at the mercy of the DWP decision makers who, to be fair, are only implementing Government policy. To put it in perspective, some people are worried about losing their homes while I am worried about not being able to visit nice places anymore to take photographs.

My first priority must be to keep the family finances as stable as possible. Thereís a plumberís bill outstanding for repairing a burst pipe in the loft, our shower has stopped working and we are having to take baths (which is ultimately more expensive as well as inconvenient), the boiler service is overdue, the light fitting in the kitchen needs replacing (weíre using a desk lamp at the moment) and any number of minor repairs needing attention are mounting up. Itís only sound financial sense to prioritize those issues and do my best to ensure we donít get into debt from which there will be no hope of recovery. Also, I can hardly continue to indulge in my hobby, trips out etc, when I'm asking my wife and daughter to economize and make sacrifices themselves.

Not having a camera wonít necessarily mean the end of my interest in photography. I can still visit the forum, enjoy the latest pictures and pass comment, join in the speculation and rumours when a new camera is due, dig out pictures from my files that I never posted at the time and scan some of my old slides. Like my hillwalking I can now do it from the comfort of my armchair. The worst thing that could happen would be my computer going wrong Ė thatís another thing I couldnít afford to replace!

But look on the bright side, some nice gear for sale when I get around to it. Hopefully someone will give it a good home.

"A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there ó even if you put them end to end, they still only add up to one, two, perhaps three seconds, snatched from eternity." ~ Robert Doisneau
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