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Re: Is it mid life crisis

Originally Posted by tmy999 View Post
I have a number of zooms and some primes but hanker for a Leica like approach to taking pictures, which led me to think about manual lenses. Just wondering how usable manual specialist lenses are on the OM-D cameras and whether its worth investigating. I dont specialise in any kind of photography, so its not for a particular purpose except its something I would like to try.

Has anyone had much experience with manual lenses, in particular the very fast ones - I'm thinking bokeh here!! I'm dreaming of creamy black and white shots here.

Can anyone offer help / advice?

Thanks in advance.
In mentioning 'Leica-like' I assume you mean any manual focus, and not specifically Leica. Individuals mention the Leica glow and as an M240 user I do detect something special with the pairing of the camera and lens, hard to describe but there is something in it. However I believe the real Leica glow goes back to the days of film and older glass, maybe 1980's and earlier. Part of the effect I suspect was the effectiveness or otherwise of the anti-halation layer causing a slight spreading of light as it was reflected back to the emulsion.

If you desire manual focus, I would highly recommend a camera designed to be used as such, and not one designed for focus-by-wire. A good place to start is an el-Cheepo SLR and a roll of film. If you don't like it, sell it on.

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