Thread: HELP! E-510 card door broken
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Old 11th December 2014
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Re: E-510 card door broken

Same thing happened to mine John and I used option 1 for two years with the same bit of tape Then I finally bought an EM1 to replace it.... but still have the E510 and use it occasionally and yes still with the same bit of tape!

I didn't realise there was a fix might try it myself when I get some time or the tape finally wears out

As for the E620 as a replacement I bought one a bit before the E510 card door broke as an upgrade but in the end I sold it on and kept the E510. It was a close call I must say as the E620 is better in many ways - dynamic range is better, viewfinder seemed a bit brighter, light up buttons, flip screen, and loads of other things I've forgotten that kept saying to me I should like it better, but in the end I just didn't, as it just felt a bit less solid in my hands and the clincher was that when it counted the E510 would always produce that little bit sharper image that I just liked better The E510 can still give my EM1 a run for it's money in good light too.
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