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Old 11th December 2014
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E-510 card door broken

The card door on my daughter's E-510 will no longer stay shut, I guess that either a small catch has broken off or has simply become worn. I suspect that the cost of a visit to Portugal would be uneconomic in relation to the value of the camera, so I have been considering other options:-

1) Keep the door closed with a strip of sticky tape, which is what we are doing at the moment. Problems that i can forsee are the tape losing its stickiness at an inconvenient moment and the door popping open. Also, over time, a build up of sticky residue on the door and the adjacent area. Plus, this is not a very elegant solution.

2) Wedge a small piece of blue-tack between the door and the body. Once again, I can see this letting her down at a crucial moment as the blue-tack ages and a potential build up in residue of old material.

3) Use a small spot of superglue to stick the door shut. This would mean keeping the same card in all of the time and downloading pictures by the USB cable. Okay until she has a really big shoot that requires another card. If a small enough dab of glue is used it should be possible to open the door if needed by carefully running a modelling knife along the gap, but this does seem rather risky.

It wouldn't be such a problem if the camera didn't display a warning and stop fuctioning when the door is open.

What option would you choose and are there any alternative suggestions?

I am considering buying her an E-620, if I can find one at the right price; the 510 could then be used just for back-up. However, although the 620 has an extra 2mp I have a suspicion that the IQ is not quite as good as the 510. Could anyone comment?

Thank you.

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