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Re: Advanced Photographer E5 Review

Originally Posted by PeterD View Post
I own the E500, E3 and now the E5. I still use all three cameras. Despite all the talk before the the availability of this camera to the general public of it merely being a consolidation and not a ground breaking new release, I have to say, try one and you will see that this talk was completely wrong.
I love my E3 but compared to it, this camera knocks spots off it. I have always envied some of the other badges for their versitility in shooting in light conditions I could never attempt with the E3. The E5 IQ is really good. It's not the number of pixels that count but the way they are used. Add to this the noise handling and just from these two points it is a major step up from the E3.
The menu system is now much more user friendly and the monitor resolution change has made Live View much more practical.
The movie mode works really well except for the fact that re-focussing does not take place when you zoom. This I would expect to be addressed with a future firmware change. As Ian has said to me, this is implemented in the pen so Olympus have the knowledge and I do not see this as a big issue.
Yes it is big and heavy but not exceptionally so when compared to the E3 which I have lugged around for 3 years.
As for breaking through into the Canikon market, this would be difficult in any case. People invest a lot of money in lens' and this would put off any potential convert and this, in a large part, drives brand loyalty (Olympus owners included!). Perhaps new entrants to the DSLR market will be attracted by the many recent reviews of the E5.
Thanks for this Peter.
I have been looking at the Pano GH2 or the E30 but am seriously considering an E5 after reading your post.
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