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Old 15th September 2010
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Re: Pete's Photoshop tricks

Originally Posted by tomke View Post
Just a question: Is there a difference between ACR for Elements 8 and ACR for CS? You use 8 tabs, I've got 3. I use version 6.1 for E30 and E-PL1 and can't find anything about any differences on the net.
I think you use the same ACR, but it ends up looking different.. I have Elements 5 and I've used ACR with it. You only get 3 tabs which is annoying because I bet the other tabs are available but disabled by a switch somewhere in Elements.


PS. A couple of years ago I wanted to use a XP Home laptop with a video projector. It doesn't let you do that in the way I wanted (different output on projector to laptop screen) what you need is XP Pro, sir. Hmm. Search internet, and locate a secret registry switch that allows you to run a projector exactly as I wanted.

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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