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Re: Pete's Photoshop tricks

Some observations about ACR. (Apologies if you don't use raw file format)

Here's one of ACR's useful little secrets: Presets.

You can save the current slider settings (or subsets of them such as Lens Corrections) as your own preset. I have made Lens preset settings for my Zuiko zooms at the wide and tele ends. These presets correct any residual chromatic Abberation and any vignetting, not that is much to correct, but we want the best we can get,eh?

Start with the ACR tab for lens correction and adjust the CA correction for a bright object in the corner of the image. Note these settings. Next you need some translucent matt film to cover the lens, then point the camera at a very evenly lit white wall in order to create the flattest field you can. Now use the vignetting slider to get the corners the same brightness as the centre. I finally combine these two corrections and save as a named preset.

My other settings are for daylight colour correction. I chose an overcast day and images a known white target, then used the dropper tool in ACR to correct it to white. This gives you a custom colour temperature and a tint. I've save these as presets as well. (I guess one should repeat this for every lens but I think maybe that's a step too far)

The trick is that the lens preset doesn't affect the current colour balance, and the lighting preset doesn't undo the lens corrections...

Here's my list of presets:

So I can correct for lighting and lens with just two clicks

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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