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Laowa x2 100mm Apo Ultra Macro Lens Launched

I don't know if I will buy this. Possibly, as it covers full frame* and would give me 4:1 in m4/3.

* This is an issue:

"to use the lens on Sony FE camera via adapter, make sure an electronics adapter is being used or else your aperture cannot be adjusted".

NB it is fully manual, with some exceptions:

"Automatic Aperture (Canon EF) , Aperture Coupling (Nikon)

The Canon version of the Laowa 100mm Macro lens is equipped with an aperture control motor and CPU chip. The aperture can be controlled via the camera body (no aperture control ring on the lens body) and the aperture will close only during shutter release. Photographers no longer need to compose their shots in a dark viewfinder. A focus assistance indicator will also be shown in the camera. EXIF data can also be saved."

(Affiliate link)

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