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Re: So who's going to enforce it?

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
What about taxi drivers keeping warm?

And what about bus drivers? They seem to be some of the worst offenders.
Maybe the taxi drivers should wear a pullover. Most of their customers will be in outdoor clothing and don't really want to be overheated while in a taxi. As for buses, I expect the bus companies make a considered decision on how long a stop should require switching off, based on emissions, fuel costs and effectiveness, and incorporate this into their training. In any case, buses are part of the solution, not the problem, moving far more passenger miles per unit emission than cars.

As for who's going to enforce, it, it's true that the police are overstretched. However maybe even the possibility of a fine may improve some people's behaviour. The effectiveness of a financial deterrent depends partly on the sum involved, partly on the perceived likelihood of being caught, and partly ono the wealth of the individual. (The latter could be reduced in a way which arguably is more just, if fines were more dependent on wealth and affordability).
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