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Re: An army of clones

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
I shot film for years and now also have an OM1 which I use very occasionally. When I do there is no epiphany. I find the process clunky and the output disappointing. We all have different needs and I think there's a certain snobbery emerging about film - a sort of "real photographers use film" attitude. I know that Steve and Simon don't fall into this category, but it's an opinion out there.

Like the author says, camera types and brands can become the object of tribalism. We should all judge photographers by their output - nothing else.
Indeed Paul, there does appear to be a degree of snobbery emerging and the attitude of "only real photographers use film" that seems to come with it is IMO a complete load of bollocks ( excuse my profanity ). As you quite rightly say photographers should be judged by the quality of their work and not the medium used to capture it, be that film or digital or for that matter format size and brand.

Personally I like using both mediums ( as you know ), I am happiest when I shoot on film, especially with the FM3a but also very much enjoy using the PEN-F. I found the latter a delight to use during my recent(ish) trip to Japan and is without doubt my favourite digital camera.

Film doesn't have to be 'clunky' or 'disappointing' but unless you shoot it regularly I can understand why it would appear to be. Likewise digital doesn't have to be overwhelming with it plethora of settings/menus etc, etc. I like to keep things simple so use my PEN-F in a very similar way to my FM3a ...... either Aperture Priority or Manual, Single Centre Focus Point AF ( yes the FM3a is manual focus of course ) locking focus and recomposing, Centre Weighted Metering more often than not.

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“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson
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