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Re: Recommended reading

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
Also when chosing which software you will go with you have to consider how much it will lock you in to the software. Lightroom does lock you in quite hard as you are dependant on the information in the control database to regenerate the images from the Raw files.

The other item to be considered is the DAM - Data Asset Management - make sure that the DAM is open and will enable you to access the RAW files without the main program being available and can be used to migrate to another system if you choose to .

I was caught on a very nice (to me) Image management and editing system that was orphaned by the developer with no further support. The migration path to the next program I used was so challenging that I used a cutover date such that all pictures taken before a specific date remain on the old software and pictures taken after the drop dead date reside on the new software.

If the old program no longer works on a future version of the operating system then I will keep a SW environment that will support the old image management system.
Some of the newer potential Lightroom replacements offer migration tools that purport to import your images along with any edits that you have made in Lightroom. Based on what I've read so far, this is with far less than 100% fidelity. This shouldn't really be a surprise.

To be honest, any editing software will lock you in to a fairly great extent. Software writers generally have only reverse engineering and guesswork to figure out what is actually happening in someone else's software as commercial software companies rarely reveal the internal processing of their products. Any edits you make with Elements would be difficult to transfer to another software package for this reason.
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