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Re: Salisbury nerve agent - just what the hell is that stuff?

Life has been a bit bizarre here in Salisbury since "the unpleasantness". Of course, everybody is an expert all of a sudden, and it is interesting to see the tiniest bit of leaked information suddenly becoming gospel truth. At least most of the media appear to have got bored and gone home. We haven't even had TV helicopters flying over for a couple of days.

The advice to wash everything a week after the event is really rather strange, when it seems to me that there are other far greater risks. For instance, the victims were found on a bench in a public area. The area is still cordoned off, which makes perfect sense. But it is a public open space with a river going through it, where there are loads of ducks (which are normally well fed by passers-by) and apparently a fairly vibrant rat population. Ducks and rats are no respecter of police cordons so they could be happily spreading traces of toxin all over the place. I doubt anyone has told them they need to wash.

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