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Salisbury nerve agent - just what the hell is that stuff?

Whilst the main target(s) for this attack, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, obviously remain seriously ill we are getting very little information regarding what this nerve agent actually does to its victims.

DS Bailey, one of the first responders on the scene of the attack, remains seriously ill despite now being able to talk and his prognosis is described as "unclear." The Home Office has said it knows what kind of nerve agent was used, but has refused to disclose the information. I find this lack of information almost as worrying as the attack itself. It is obviously a very sophisticated and deadly substance that was used and this does raise concerns over its potential as a terrorist weapon targeting many people, not just a few.

But who is behind this particular attack? Given Mr Skripal's history the obvious suspects are the Russians. But why would they suddenly want to kill him now, many years after they released him as part of a swap deal with the West? Surely they picked him clean whilst he was in their custody of anything relevant that he knew and if they considered him to still be a threat, or simply wanted revenge, they would have arranged for him to have "disappeared."

If not the Russians, who else could it be? It might possibly be an agent or ex-agent, from either side acting alone on a personal grudge but why go to the trouble of deploying such an alarming, high profile chemical weapon when a bullet would have done the job with a lot less fuss. It appears that, for whatever reason, the perpetrator wanted to gain maximum publicity.

All in all, an intriguing and very worrying incident.

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