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Re: Graduated ND filter preferences

Thankyou for all the votes + responses to my question / poll. It seems many of you prefer to do combine exposures in PP rather than use a graduated filter so maybe I have nothing to gain by gettting such a filter myself and stick to what I already know how to do. Any purchase has been put on hold for the time being anyway - an E510 turned up a little unexpectedly last night and I couldn't really say no to buying it given the price. Although I had no intentions of upgrading the E410 until it had died I can already see that the IS in the E510 alone is going to be useful in some situations.

Going back to the orginal topic I think I will try to borrow a set of ND grad filters from a friend for a few days and see how I get on with them before making a purchase myself, that way I should be able to see whether I will find such filters to be useful or realise that, as sugested, I might be better off just sticking to exposure blending as I have been doing....

Thanks again for the input
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