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Re: E520 - stick, wait or upgrade now?

I would recommend an upgrade - you could get a used Panasonic G5 for 100-150 as stop-gap while you see just how far the system(s) have moved on since the E520. Or you might be lucky and find a cheap and serviceable EM5 (i).

I have an E620 (and an E1), both 4/3, and was knocked out by the difference when I got an EPL3 (m4/3) for a friend (since converted to full-spectrum). The m4/3 G5 has a bigger grip, a fold-away screen, and an electronic shutter, which I like over the (weatherproof) EM5 (which has IS, and feels a more solid camera, in spite of electronic viewfinder shortcomings - my EM5 electronic viewfinder went south in the sun, which is disappointing, as my arms aren't long enough to be able to use a screen any more (I have a VF3, which I stick on top :-( )).

The 4/3 70-300 hunts with the G5 and EM5, but I use manual focus mainly; the 9-18 works fine on both bodies for my purposes. I have two MMF adapters (1 and II), both work fine with any 4/3 lens I'm using.

Anyway, this means you could "upgrade" for less than 200 (including MMF or Pany adapter, which you keep for your next generation of body), and see which lenses you use most on your new body.

Your OM / 4/3 converter will work with a 4/3 m4/3 converter - or simply get a generic one. Your Oly 50 1.2 will be fun to use :-D

If you can borrow any m4/3 body, then do so !

I bought the m4/3 12-50 and use that quite a lot, and a Sigma 60 / 2.8 along with a Panny 20 / 1.7. Other lenses I've got but which rarely go out are the Oly 45 / 1.8 (I prefer my Pentax 55 / 1.8 manual, or the Sigma), the Oly 15 / f8, and m4/3 standard kit lenses. My 4/3 Sigma 30 / 1.4 gets some use. The 4/3 50-200 and 2x adapter don't get much use, mainly due to the fact that there's no quick MF switch, and it's heavy. The 4/3 kit lenses get no use as I've the m4/3 versions.

But I'm maybe waiting for the EM1 ii so the EM1 (i) prices drop. No hurry for me, though.

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