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Re: Ladies and Gents no more. Has the world gone completely mad?

I can still remember the toilets Bar 1 in the students union building when I first arrived in Sheffield in 1975.
Three doors in a row, Left hand Door "Gents", Right hand door "Ladies"
The middle door being labelled "Switch Room".
It always amused me, but I never did get a photo.

Back to the OP, this sort of thing really gets my goat, as in my opinion at least, it devalues the serious discrimination issues which really are important.
A bit like extreme PC behaviour detracts from, and turns folks against, the genuine issues.
I can remember when a friend of mine many years ago, a teacher, was banned by the local council education department from using the words "Blackboard" and "Whiteboard", to be replaced with "Chalkboard", and some other such nonsense for the other one.
That tale isn't an apocryphal tale either; even his students, (the majority were non white), all thought it was crackers as well.
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