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Re: Any E-PM2 Users ?

I got a new red one for peanuts earlier this week. Finally something which is ideal for social low light photography as well as being completely inconspicuous on the street with the touchscreen. The 17mm pancake which I will mainly use it with (together with the 45mm 1.8 where appropriate) may not give the absolute best edge to edge IQ but it's a very small and light combo and this lens is usually reliably sharp towards the centre at least and has a pleasant rendering.

I'm sure others have recently got this camera as well, especially with the SRS offers but the baby in the Olympus series doesn't seem to get many posts which is a shame as it perhaps best represents the small but with high IQ m43 ethos. I'd much rather have this than any compact!

I can understand much of the focus on this forum seems to be on the somewhat less portable flagships such as the E-M1. That's understandable -- for me at the moment Fuji best meets my needs for a primary system for when detail, DR and maximum lowlight performance is required without carrying around a backbreaking FF DSLR system which I would never go back to, but Olympus is a close second with obvious advantages in IBIS and AF speed.

Still, I'd be interested to hear more from folk who use a Mini. If it's a secondary body, is it a backup to an OMD and in what situations does it get used? Or are there folk who use it with kit or a prime or two as a secondary system to other mirrorless or DSLR?


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