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Re: 50-200mm NON SWD V's SWD Versions

Another E520 owner with a similar appraisal to yours of the system, I'm awaiting the arrival of the 50-200mm SWD. I've gone for the SWD over the non-SWD because at full stretch focussing speed is a significant factor for targets that move. My brief experience with the 12-60mm SWD showed how very much faster it is than the kit lenses. Also, although you can get a good used non-SWD version for half the price, you have to ask why those owners are selling it to finance the SWD version.... and lastly, later on I would only be fretting that I hadn't gone for the SWD version.

The upgrade path was also a factor - I would intend to upgrade to the E3 or preferably, its successor, in due course.
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