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Old 15th October 2008
Jeremy Evans
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Re: 50-200SWD Problem

I have a similar problem. Having worked perfectly my 50-200 SWD suddenly refused to autofocus. I sent it to Olympus who said they would give it a full service. 3 weeks later it came back and is still not right. The lens intermittently locks up and won't focus at longer focal lengths, but is fine anywhere close to 50mm. Olympus collected the lens today. I asked them to send me a new lens instead, but they have so far refused.
I used a standard 50-200 to take thousands of images with my E1. No problems with that lens. My E3 works perfectly with the 12-60 at all focal lengths.
At this point, I am very disappointed with Olympus, not least because I need that lens for my work.
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