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Re: E3 problems - again!

Originally Posted by PeterD View Post
Thanks Andy. I did take note of John's post but discounted it on the grounds that I always 'Lock' the grip controls. I shall give it a whirl and let you know.


Peter - I have had the occasional issue when the grip is in the 'lock' position though, I'd certainly check this out if I were you. I am sure it's when I am perhaps taking an awkward shot, with the Bigma on the E-3 - it's a lot heavier then and thus might permit some unwanted but nonetheless slight movement in the power grip connectors - when used in either orientation - enough to cause a power reset?

I would try it... it might be that the HLD-4 is faulty and not the E-3. Worth a try yeah?

Hope this is what it is Peter.

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