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Re: E3 problems - again!

Hey Peter - I too have experienced this on occasion, where exactly as you describe, some of the settings just seem to change from what they are now to what they were previously - it's very strange.

It doesn't happen often I have to say, but it has caused some missed shots where the ISO has been reverted to a previously used setting. I think however, have nailed down what might be causing this - and I think it is the battery power grip! When I have used the camera in portrait mode and used the power grip shutter release button AND then left the lever in the unlock position, is when I notice this happens.

It has happened literally a few times when the lever was in the 'lock' position, but I then felt it to be the actual grip casing not being tightly screwed into the E-3 body causing perhaps a power down and reset to one of the 'My Settings'.

It hasn't happened often enough for me to become alarmed, and I hope this little glitch you are experiencing irons itself out.

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