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Re: 50-200SWD Problem

Originally Posted by knikki View Post
I have just usd the lens yesterday and today, not used it for a few weeks.

I started to notice that the lens was struggling to focus

E3 works fine with the 12-60 so I know it is not the body.

When the 50-200 is trying to focus you can hear a clicking sound, like the drive train has not engaged correctly, you can focus it manually and get focus conformation, just.

The lens has not been dropped but anybody any idea or is it going to have to go to Olympus. It was a brand new lens but not bought from a shop so not sure what to do.
Sorry to hear of your mis-fortune. You say you did not buy from a shop, where did you get it from? Have you registered the lens with Olympus?


Just noted that you are no-longer on line so I will add this:
1. Phone Olympus Technical Support and tell them what has happened and ask them what they would recommend.
2. Contact Customer Service in Watford and advise them of what you have been told by Technical Support. If they pronounce it dead, then ask if its posible for a foc replacement.
3. I have always found both Technical support & Customer Services helpful and sympathetic.

Good luck
Best Regards


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