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Re: Micro Four Thirds system announced

My first thought is - Why? What is the market for these cameras? Not knocking it, just curious.
Well my first thought would be that it ties in with the rumours of Leica making a 'full frame' rangefinder body. And if you have never used a rangefinder you either 'get it' or not. I think it would really grab the market by the short and curlies though. It also means Oly and Panasonic are commited to more R&D going into 4/3rds sensors which benefits both micro and normal formats. It also means a truly pocketable 4/3rds quality camera, with interchangeable lenses, even it does turn out to be a P&S concept.

Canon and Nikon can only dream of working in this valuable 'small but fully featured camera' market sector given the direction they are now going in, and I still predict that within the next fews years one or both will also join the 4/3rds manufacturer group as part of their arsenal. But the key thing is many serious Canon and Nikon users will adopt the micro 4/3rds as their second camera at the very least, just as many are adopting the E420 as their ideal travel camera today. This cannot help but make the overall 4/3rds concept go from strength to strength.

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