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Re: 50-200mm NON SWD V's SWD Versions

Originally Posted by Melaka View Post
Does anyone have any experience of the relative speeds of focusing between the old version and the SWD please? I'm a fan of the 50-200 epecially with the EC14 but it sometimes fails to focus accurately on birds, even large ones like red kites, in flight. Sometimes it hunts a fair bit as it tries to find the bird. I am wondering if it would be worth upgrading to the newer model to get a quicker focus.
I've shot images of red kites with my 50-200 SWD. A problem I've found is that if the lens is at infinity, the bird is such a fuzzy OOF dim grey blob that I have a problem picking it up in the VF to get the focus spot aligned on it.

I use centre spot focussing. Maybe for birds in flight I ought to use all 11 spots in the hope that one of the spots will 'hit' the subject, but I've got the feeling that if the OOF bird is indistinct for me, it will also be for the camera focussing system - which IIRC relies on contrasty edges.

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