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Re: Those little "toy" planes again.

Originally Posted by kidslateinlife View Post
Fantastic scale craft, the detailing is incredible. ( my father used to paint all scales of all types of planes, vehicles, and such for the MOD exhibitions, and his work was featured in a documentary back in the 70's. )

Is this the largest scale that it is currently possible to fly, and I once heard that flying a scale helicopter was "harder than flying the real thing". Is this the case, and is it equally as difficult to pilot these scale craft, as it is the real thing.

I suspect you are probably quite restricted as to where you can fly?

Great shot's and talking point.
Nice to hear of your fathers work.

Most of these aircraft are either 1/3 or 1/4 scale. Anything bigger and transportation becomes a mjor issue.
Helicopter`s are very hard to master in RC terms. As for the difficulty, as long as the brain can determine that when flying towards you left is right and right is left, then all should be good.

All flying must be covered by insurance. As pilots of small unmaned aerial vehicles, we are governed by the CAA as to what and where we can fly. The larger models, those weighing over 20kg must be inspected at regular intervals during construction, and be given a permit to fly.

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