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Re: 50-200mm NON SWD V's SWD Versions

Are P4188866 and P4188865 labelled wrongly? They say Mk1 but it would make more sense if they were SWD.
If they are labelled wrongly, comparing P4188866 (SWD) and P4188872 (MK1) the MK1 actually seems sharper. It didn't seem to be due to focussing in different areas but it is hard to assess on large files.

Comparing P4188862 (SWD) and P4188868 (MK1) the MK1 again looks sharper, but it is clear the light had changed so it may be to do with contrast and the conditions.

What do you see? It certainly seems that the selling point is just the SWD and that the MK1 will dissapear quite quickly (from shops atleast).
While the speed would be nice, I won't be upgrading I don't think.

All the best,

ps, thanks for posting Ian. Its hard to get decent comparison shots!
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