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Old 21st July 2011
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Re: Northern Lights

How to photograph the Northern Light?

General settings for Digital Cameras:

Flash OFF
ISO 400 800 1600 (the darker the sky, the higher the ISO required).
White balance Daylight setting
Aperture lowest possible (depends on your lens
Shutter speed 10 30 seconds (might not be adjustable on some cameras).
Focus Manual focus = set to infinity
LCD low brightness
Lens Wide angle (below 35mm).
Tripod - Switch IS OFF as this will add problems unless tripod is wobbly.

UV / Polarising filters etc remove for the duration.

Same goes if wearing tinted spectacles as these can possible hinder/block visual sighting of the lights

The above info was handed out by Tori Hogan during my Northern Lights cruise. Tori is the Hurtigruten resident photographer
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