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Re: Olympus presence at Focus on Imaging

Originally Posted by padgreen View Post
I think the new Panasonic is supposed to be better, but it really does make you wonder how micro 4/3rd's has been such a success in terms of sales: it's more expensive and not as good as what it's replacing.
It's unfortunate that Micro Four Thirds is being regarded as a replacement for Four Thirds. In an ideal world they would continue side by side as they are actually complimentary, although certainly overlapping.

The future of Four Thirds is definitely obscure, but Micro Four Thirds is designed to mop up people who fail to upgrade from compacts and bridge cameras to DSLRs for a number of reasons: size and weight, complexity compared to compacts, and cost. The potential market for hybrid or compact system cameras is several times larger than the entire DSLR market.

Even in the UK the market for Pens, Lumix Gs, Samsung NX, and Sony NEX, grew massively in the last year while DSLR sales were stagnant.

Compact system cameras should, if they reach their goals, overtake DSLR sales in the next 3-5 years, while the DSLR market shrinks slightly.

I thnk we will see Canon and Pentax, and possibly Nikon, enter the mirrorless market within that time.

Of course small and light is not for everyone and it's something I'm patiently expecting these manufacturers to show that they recognise sooner or later. Olympus has all but said they will develop a more DSLR-like Micro Four Thirds body (maybe not branded 'Pen') and this should handle better than a Pen when used with Four Thirds lenses. But from all my research I won't expect this for around a year to 18 months.

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