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Re: Olympus presence at Focus on Imaging

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
m4/3 has got a really LOOOOONG way to go in focusing speed and low-light ability (especially continuous focus of fast-moving subjects - IMHO it's b. useless for that, although I haven't tried the new Panasonic body) so I don't think any semi-pro offering this year will be much of an upgrade (except possibly of my E-PL1). Focussing of the 20mm Panny's quite good, but my experience with the kit, 14-140 and -150 zooms is a bit of a joke. Manual focus is great, though, and it's like a return to my OM-1!
I think the new Panasonic is supposed to be better, but it really does make you wonder how micro 4/3rd's has been such a success in terms of sales: it's more expensive and not as good as what it's replacing.

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