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Re: Olympus presence at Focus on Imaging

Bear in mind that future mirrorless bodies might not neccesarily be the same shape and size as the current Pens. There is no reason why a "pro" body similar in form to an E-5 but mirrorless shouldn't be produced.
Fascinating discussion; I recall that when the E-300 appeared, at least one magazine dismissed it as a serious camera largely because it didn't look like a serious camera - i.e. it didn't have an awkward lump otherwise known as a pentaprism housing. I thought that was one of its selling points (and of the original Pen F film reflexes come to that - though the only one of those I owned literally fell to pieces within hours of buying it - but I'd still like another one). I still use an E-300 in preference to the E-3 for some jobs because it slips into a small bag more easily. It might have a mirror on the side, but at least it's optical - my limited experience with electronic viewfinders is not encouraging, slightly jumpy, false looking images. They will get better, but until then, please Olympus, keep the real 4/3 flag flying.

Back to Focus on Imaging - despite the minimal Oly presence, I was surprised how many Olympus users there were - several times I was looking at a stand to realise that the person next to me was also looking for 4/3 lenses or querying whether this firm or that had compatible bits. No cameras in sight - but the demand must be there.
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