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Re: Will Brits Take Action To Fight Climate Change

Originally Posted by chorleyjeff View Post
It was how life was after WW2.
Try reading some recent history.
I can certainly remember most of your list, having grown up in the 1950s and I don't miss most of them! I can also remember personal service in shops, being able to travel by road without sitting in jams for hours, by rail in carriages with comfortable seats next to windows you could see out of, and being able to play outside with my friends in relative safety and freedom so I learned a few life skills, being able to fix my own car when it went wrong, and having to have an arrangement with my bank to withdraw cash over the counter when I went to uni.

The problem is we cannot see into the future. Remember there were people around at the turn of the 20th century predicting that London would be so many feet deep in horse dung in the future if something wasn't done about the rising number of horses in the city!

That said our present lifestyle is obviously unsustainable. However I don't appreciate being told that by people who have more than two kids, drive Range Rovers etc. etc! Almost all our problems today are caused mostly by overpopulation. That is still a taboo subject with many people, but it is an inconvenient truth.
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