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Alan Clogwyn
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Re: UPDATE: Re: Is f2.8 enough?

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I've spent a little time with the legacy 50mm OM set up and here are my first impressions:

1) I now understand what 'pin-sharp' means, but I also produce more duff images;
2) From (1) I'm learning to adjust the aperture to suit the photo, rather than leaving it wide-open and letting the AF work its magic;
3) Manual focus can be tricky when stopping down so focus, then stop down afterwards (if the scene is static);
4) I'm thinking about the composition more to try and get the most out of a shot.

Thanks to everyone for the help so far. I think I'll come back!

I don't bother focusing at wider aperures with any of my OM lenses it just wastes time, if I'm shooting at F4 I focus at F4. If you've a steady hand you could always use the live view if you need a bright display. Leave it at F11 for a while and you soon forget about the low light, until you change to 1.8 and go all squinty!
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