Thread: Is f2.8 enough?
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Old 12th August 2010
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UPDATE: Re: Is f2.8 enough?

50mm f1.8 arrived today, as did OM-4/3 adapter.

I was initially disappointed when the OM adapter wouldn't attach to the OM lens. After 30 minutes trying, and looking at the bayonet fastening from every angle possible, I decided that it was the AF chip that was fouling the back of the OM lens. I broke it off and the adapter now works.

So, is it worth glueing it back on, bearing in mind that the adapter will be then permanently affixed to the lens?

Shooting-wise I'm already impressed. I can now photograph indoors without flash, and I'm getting the shallow DOF I was craving ...

I sense an addiction for legacy lenses starting.
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