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Re: Snaar snaps: Village in Spring

Originally Posted by wanderer View Post
As regards the Allen Mower.
These things were lethal and temperamental.
Snatch clutch and clearing anything up to 2" diameter.
Thank goodness strimmers were invented.
Yes, most of the web references to the Allen Scythe say the same - fantastically dangerous item

It reminds me of my childhood on the farm. We had a circular saw bench. That is to say - a 2 foot diameter saw blade, the bench and a pulley. No guards on anything at all. The pulley connected to a tractor PTO pulley about 15 feet away with one of those old worn 4 inch canvas belts with an overlapping metal joint coupled with a 6 inch nail though it. So the pulleys, the belt and the blade were all open to the elements.

So there was the tractor rattling away, the rhythmic ting-ting of the belt joint going over the pulleys and the hypnotic singing of the saw blade.

Us kids were warned to keep away from it - which meant it exerted a magnetic pull on us - I mean - how dangerous can it be??

That makes me shudder to think about it

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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