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Re: Snaar snaps: Village in Spring

Originally Posted by swazon View Post
Great series of pictures.

You have the knack of turning the "ordinary everday things we take for granted" into a "sense of wonder".

A reminder for us to learn to slow down and look around.
Most kind, thanks for those comments :-) Yes I do like to slow down and look around for pictures. In fact sometimes I slow down so much, people think I have stopped.

Anyway, here is another from today. This is a gritty close up of a Disk Harrow. This is one of the many wonderful metal objects you can clamp on the back of your tractor to terrify motorists on narrow lanes.

We had one of these on the farm when I was a kid. It was all rusty like this one. We kids decided to help out and so we painted it pink.

This did not go down at all well and we all got severely told off.

See. There is no justice in the world...

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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