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Re: Honestly, do you like autofocus?

My preference for hand held shooting is usually auto focus, it's quicker and more accurate than focusing manually, for me at least. However there are times where manually selecting the focus is easier, especially hyper focal distance. For example, if taking a landscape shot with the camera on a tripod and you want as much as possible to be in focus there's always the dilemma of where to place your focus point. Switching to manual and selecting hyper focal is quick and easy. The trouble is that not many lenses designed for auto focus digital cameras seem to include a depth of field scale. Fortunately the lenses I have for my Hasselblad H1 allow both auto focus and manual focus with a depth of field scale and it's quick and easy to switch between the two. With that camera I'm probably about 50-50 in terms of using auto focus and manual.

My Sinar F view camera has a very nifty depth of field calculator built into the focusing system that not only gives you the optimum point of focus but tells you what aperture you need to achieve acceptable focus between two points.

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