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Re: New MC 20 announced.

Originally Posted by Beagletorque View Post
With the EM1.2 firmware update to allow AF to -6EV, to match the X, the tele should pose no issues.
In decent light I'm sure it'll be excellent on all 3 lenses (300, 40-150, 150-400), and the only usability question will be how much the AF capabilities do get compromised at the beginning and end of the day in real-life shooting situations. That is inevitable to some degree, and it'll have most impact on the f4.5 and 4.0 optics.

It's really good to hear that the Mii's low-light focusing has been improved, and that will be useful to me across the board, with and without 1.4 and 2.0 t/cs, and including my street photography.

However, all of this remains to be confirmed by the more independent (but still Oly expert) reviewers...

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