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Old 15th June 2019
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Re: Noise issues

Originally Posted by Walti View Post

I've got home and uploaded all the images to the computer and they all look absolutely fine - but awful on the camera!

Factory reset of the camera, and the issue has gone away, it also explains the inconsistency of the issue.

So it would appear the display output on the camera itself got "stuck" at a setting and the reset has cleared it!

One or two of the exposure bracketing images from inside a dark tunnel don't look great as they're totally underexposed except the light at the end of the tunnel - which his correctly exposed!

A total mystery to me! but I admit to panicking while "on location" without proper visibility of the images.

Moral of the story - take a laptop with you!
Your camera has WiFI. Try to have a tablet or phone you trust with you, next time you're ok location. Even if you are not bothered with mobile, it would at least give you some.confidence. Also, if not done already, make sure highlight and shadow clipping is enabled in live view (before you take the photo; not when chimping).

Glad it all ended well for you.
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