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Olympus OI Track / OI Share

I have tried OI Share before and found it worked OK with my PEN-F although some features are a bit obscure. Today I decided to get a bit more familiar with it on my E-M1i and also try OI Track, the latter seems to be panned in many reviews on the (iOS) App Store so I was prepared to be disappointed. The complaints seem mostly related to the user instructions (or lack of them).

I downloaded it to my iPhone and when I launched it I was presented with two options, "add logs from camera" and "start logging", neither of which made a lot of sense. I soon discovered that the first one is only relevant if the camera has built-in GPS; the E-M1i doesn't. I tried the settings menu and had to resort to Wikipedia to find out what A-GPS is - again not relevant to the E-M1. After a little play I decided to go out and try the GPS logging and found that it actually works very well.

What isn't obvious is how to get the geotags onto the camera and into the image files! Before you start logging, sync the camera and phone clocks (from the App's Settings screen, then Start Logging. You can now turn off the camera's wi-fi (and indeed the camera). Once you finish logging there will be another option on the home screen, the name of the track you've just logged. Tapping that will open a page with a map of the track and a summary of the route information. However if you slide the track name left you get options to Delete it, Add Geotag, and More. With the camera connected to the app tap "Add Geotag" and the app will add the location information to all the pics that were taken while the logging was active. Neat! You can import the tagged images to your phone and they can be displayed together with their location on the map.

There's a new folder on the camera's SD card now called "GPS LOG" which contains a text file with all the GPS trackpoints that were recorded during logging. Sadly I cannot find an option to export the tracklog in a standard .gpx format or similar but I have a friend who's a bit of a GPS expert and may know of a way of converting the log file to .gpx. I'll update this thread if I find a way. Maybe someone here knows?

Meanwhile, if you've previously been put off by all the reviews that say it doesn't work, do try OI Track. It does work, it just needs either someone to write a decent manual for it or more helpful info on the app screen itself!
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