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Re: Upgrade to weather sealed

Here's my take:

- There's virtually nothing between the E-M1 and E-M5ii in terms of IQ in normal circumstances, but for long exposures (30s or greater), the E-M1 is WORSE - you get terrible chroma noise. It can be avoided by using long-exposure noise reduction, but that doubles the time to take the shot since it's based on dark-frame subtraction.

- The two cameras may both be 16Mp, but they are not the same sensor. The E-M1 has a Panasonic sensor and the E-M5ii has a Sony one. IMHO the Sony is the slightly better sensor in most circumstances, but it pulls ahead strongly on long exposures as I noted above. If you like doing long exposure landscapes with ND filters, then the E-M5ii is the better choice.

- The only area where the E-M1 wins over the E-M5ii is AF. It has PDAF rather than CDAF on the E-M5ii. This makes it perform better in CAF mode. In SAF mode there's little to choose. For landscapes the AF on both is more than adequate.

- The E-M5ii has a flippy screen, the E-M1 a tilt-only. Choose your poison. I prefer tilt only, but none of the current Oly cameras have it so I live with the flippy screen.

- I personally prefer the smaller size of the E-M5ii and I also like the double-purpose grip - small landscape grip and a bigger portrait grip.

- I personally wouldn't recommend Fuji for landscapes - the raw file processing of XTrans is messy and doesn't work well with fine detail foliage.

For a different idea...

- The Panasonic G9 is available on some great deals at the moment (300 cashback). Bristol Street Cameras are offering it at 745 after the cash back, including a spare battery and a screen protector. It's all the E-M1ii is in most ways and in addition boasts a bigger EVF. If you can stretch your budget, it's worth a look.

Personally, If you want to keep costs down, I'd go for a used E-M5ii. I love that camera.
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