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Re: F1.2 pro glass

I'm a little bit mystified why this fashion for using low depth of field to create subject isolation has become so widespread and unchallenged. It arose from a limitation of lenses. 70 years ago photographic manuals used to say that the remedy for poor light and moving subjects was to use a wide aperture lens, but the downside was poor depth of field, so unless you were careful parts of your photo might be out of focus. Later photographers started to use this limitation in a creative way, choosing viewpoints so that the subject was at a unique distance fro the lens and using low DoF to cast the foreground and background out of focus. And this has become so fashionable that it's regarded by many as essential.

It seems to me that for people who like post processing, it would be far easier to isolate the subject by using some kind of pp technique to blur out the parts you want to de-emphasise, or to make the colour washed out in those areas, or to make them fuzzy or dim. There seem to be hundreds of effects to choose from. Much cheaper than f/1.2 (or V f/0.95) lenses, so long as you have enough light. And also if you apply subject isolation in post, you don't have to organise your composition to make sure nothing apart from the subject is the same distance from the lens; you can blur out any part of the image.
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