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Re: Can you set the directional pad to press and hold?

Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
I have the 4 way pad set to Direct Function so that the left button selects AF target & then I have the wheels (dials) set to move the target & the buttons, up/down to change the pattern & left/right for the face detection options etc.
The E-M1X can be set the same too, although there are other options & means with custom AF areas & shape.
Yeah I tried that too, but I also prefer to have the d-pad set to move the AF points and when you have it set like this you can't change the AF pattern or face detection. I guess I just have to stop being lazy and get used to pressing the button multiple times

Odd that they don't give the option of press and hold though, seems an obvious feature to me. Not just for AF points but menus too.
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