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Re: Political Posts

Originally Posted by Tram View Post
Thought it was all harmless banter...
Somewhat, but...

Unfortunately (very unfortunately) offense, indignation, moral outrage, etc., etc., etc... has been developed into an art form, and is promoted throughout social media as the way to act... As if that was not bad enough, there’s PC and many other “social standards” that put all manner of constraints on what was once “freedom of expression” or good old fashion banter.

I think the problem here is that banter works well when it’s face to face, or with people well known to each other. It’s very easy to look at forums as places where you know the other members, but in reality that’s often not the case, and more importantly it’s impossible to gauge anyone’s mood at that moment when you press the send button.

I freely admit to have fallen foul of making the mistake of typing something, that has not been read in the way I intended it to be and fully accepted that it was my error . Even with the emoticons, typed messages can easily be seen to convey the wrong slant on what was intended


We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...
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