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Re: E-M1 II Firmware Upgrade 2.3

Updated successfully, but not without issue.

I connected the camera to the pooter, with the Oly cable. This cable is only ever used to update the firmware. I take out the SD card to down load.....

I ran the updater software, which connected as expected, to be sure (!) I saved my settings. Then proceeded to update the firmware. The software came up with an error, "Camera not connected" or similar. Started over again, and successfully updated. After the Update, when the camera had OK on the screen, the same error came up, "Camera not connected"

Doubt it is the cable, and kinda doubt is the USB port on the pooter, so not sure what was going on.

Whatever the cause, the camera is updated and working as expected. I took the time to check the Pany 100-400, and the Oly 40-150 Pro. They were all up date.....
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