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Re: Olympus 150 - 400

Thinking deeper about it... if we put the rumoured 2.0TC aside for a moment, either a false rumour or intended for other lens/es.

And then imagine F/4.5. If the rumoured built-in 1.25X TC turns out to be 1.4X instead then the rumoured lens could be used as 400 F/4.5 or as 560 F/6.3

This would be same speed as the Panasonic 100-400 however outperforming it: larger zoom range (100-560) by actioning a switch/button, dual IS support and most important 1 1/3 stops faster (89mm front lens diameter instead of 63mm). Would it be possible to bring the weight within 2kg?

Priced competitively such a lens would certainly attract many presumtive users in search for a portable, hand-held, weather proof setup capable of delivering great results as long as light conditions are acceptable (calling for ISO 1600 or less with the existing sensor as far as I am concerned).

I know from own experience that 560 mm with camera IBIS only can easily be operated hand-held for sharp results (Canon 400 F/5.6 + 1.4 Extender + Metabones), adding 2 axis OIS would be really sweet. I also know the EM1.1/EM1.2 AF works at F/8 so it will work at F/6.3.

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