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Re: Greater Blue Eared Starling

That shot looks fairly sharp, judging by the eye; so I would be inclined to play with the curves, to see if bringing up the dark end would improve it. The contrast is very high.

So far as lens power is concerned, going too powerful makes grabbing shots of BIF difficult, so it depends what you want out of the lens. I found the 75-300 plenty powerful enough as an all purpose telephoto, its only downside being the small stop at the long end making good light necessary. Even then, for tracking very fast moving jet aircraft, it was a bit too powerful at full stretch. If you lose the target, you can't find it again, without shortening the zoom. The best bet is to try some lenses of differing powers, and see which suits you best. You can always crop a bit more if it isn't quite powerful enough to fill the frame, but when it's too powerful, if you tend to lose the shot, it's not a lot of good to you - and it's not just finding the target again, the lens also has to refocus, don't forget. As people have said, find ways f getting closer if you want better results, and develop patience, such as sitting still, maybe in a hide, for the time necessary for the bird to get close enough to you. That way, you'll get better results than with a more powerful lens.
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