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Re: Wedding Photographer recommendations please

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
No I'm not comparing costs from twenty years past, what I'm saying is the skill of a wedding photographer, or any other genre for that matter, should be on par with a tradesman, a bricklayer, plasterer, plumber etc. In fact there's less skill taking wedding photographs than there is installing central heating.

The wedding is in York. My daughter is looking for traditional photographs one would expect for a wedding, groupings etc, plus some documentary type from the build up the ceremony, signing the register, the speeches... all the usual stuff in fact. If I wasn't FoB I would do it myself. Can't be hard.
I think, to be fair, one has to look at this from the point of view that if done properly, the time taken to photograph a wedding represents just a fraction of the work involved in selecting, processing and (ideally) printing the photographs. Also, unlike a bricklayer or plumber a wedding photographer probably only gets engaged once or twice a week nowadays.

Our son, who is in the final year of his photography degree course tells me they are taught that a professional photographer should not charge less than 450 for a day's work.

That said, for 1,500 I would be expecting rather more than a bunch of Jpegs copied from the camera onto a USB memory stick.

Anyhow, I will send you a PM with another suggestion.

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